Sofie Winterson

Sofie Winterson’s music creates a cinematic world through atmospheric key sounds, electronic drums, reverb(ed) guitars and her powerful, beautiful voice. Since her first releases in 2014 she continued to garner the support of a growing online following fan base with encouraging nods from the likes of Gorilla vs. Bear, The 405 and Clash Magazine. She is a RBMA Montreal Class of 2016 graduate.

"Dreams is the beautiful new 3-song EP from Amsterdam synth-pop artist Sofie Winterson, out on Dutch label Magnetron Music. Lasting just over 10 minutes and starting with the lovely, glimmering title track, the whole thing is a graceful, fleeting, achingly melancholy affair” - Gorilla vs Bear

“Sofie Winterson has created a cinematic world to play in. Like a breeze on the playground, her new single blows through stunningly with playful bubbly synth-pop production and a discernable voice” – The 405

“Sofie Winterson hails from the Netherlands, but her sound seems to drift beyond any borders placed in its way.” – CLASH Magazine