RONDÉ. Five letters. Five band members. A Spanish verb for coming together. In the years of their existence they have developed into a wolf pack. “Just like a pack of wolves, we do everything together. We are fighting for the same purpose. We share everything and make each other stronger. It’s that feeling where the music comes from.” RONDÉ is the sum of the musical ideas and talents of all five. The band got great support from Spotify with songs as ‘Run’, ‘Naturally’ and ‘Calling’ gathering tens of millions of streams and have played over 100 shows including the renowned European festivals Lowlands and Mysteryland. With loads of airplay on all the commercial and public Dutch radio stations and being a welcome guest on television shows the future is bright for the young five-piece.

Singer and frontwoman Rikki - powerful, clear, weathered voice - sings about being true to your own identity, to be fully who you are and to take care not to lose yourself in love, desire, partying or grief. The music of RONDÉ has the searching sense of life and the nightly wandering of the someone in their early twenties. “This record reflects our growth and shows who we are now. We open up more and our music is more grounded.” The first album was kind of a mix of styles which the band – a “bunch of rookies” at the time - had assimilated over a long period of time. For their new efforts the five band members has a strong sense of purpose, based on their shared experiences, a clear-cut musical approach and a willingness to experiment. RONDÉ in honest mode. The band has become more mature, more colorful and more balanced. With that their sound is now more complex, moodier, expressive and ready for the future.