Rina Mushonga

Man was made to hold his head erect in majesty and see the sky, to raise his eyes to the bright stars above,the Roman poet Ovid wrote in 8AD, in his Latin literary epic Metamorphoses. You dont need to tell this to Rina Mushonga. The London-based, Dutch-Zimbabwean pop innovator, whose new album In A Galaxy was part inspired by Metamorphoses, is full of reflections on the cosmos and our place in it. The title refers to how relative space and time are in how we perceive and judge each other,she explains of her follow-up to 2014 debut The Wild, The Wilderness.  viewed as part of a galaxy binds us in our humanity.\u201d The universe is infinite in its expanse, as Ovid observed. Mushongas In A Galaxy weaves into an glittering constellation of warped synths, Afropop rhythms and addictive, soul-lifting vocal harmonies the suggestion that were all specks of dust floating through that expanse, whose differences seem insignificant up against that truth.