Joep Beving

Dutch composer/pianist Joep Beving (42) was catapulted into stardom when his self released debut album Solipsism, initially made for family and friends, was picked up by Spotify and brought to millions of ears around the world. Where it was never really his intention to become a performing artist, he now is traveling the world and has played in sold out venues from the USA to Australia. Joep's music borrows from the classical vocabulary but seems to appeal to a broader audience, racking up over 200 million streams to date on the spotify platform alone.

Following the success of his debut album, Joep signed to Deutsche Grammophon after their A&R person, responsible for new recordings, heard his vinyl in a bar in Berlin. He released his sophomore album Prehension together with them. While Joep is working on his third album to complete his trilogy, a side project was launched in collaboration with DG, to have some of Joep's compositions reinterpreted by other artists. This album, called 'Conatus', is scheduled to be released in September. After finishing his studies in public policy and administration, Joep spent a decade working in advertising before returning to his beloved piano.