Jeff Rushin

Amsterdam-based DJ, producer and promotor Jeff Rushin’s ongoing affair with electronic music began somewhere in the ‘90s. After he discovered the raw energy of acid, club and hardcore, it didn't take long for him to get infected with the vinyl bug and start messing around on the decks. Whilst exploring the wide array of music on offer at that time, he stumbled upon techno and was sold ever since. By delving deeper and deeper into this newfound universe, techno quickly evolved from hobby to addiction and ended being a lifestyle.

By experimenting with layers of sounds, loops and voices, Rushin injects a sense of depth, warmth and energy into both his productions and performances. His signature sound crystallised into a mixture of bare minimalism effectively combined with blunt force attracting a growing audience along the way. As this talent hasn't stayed unnoticed, Rushin has shared the decks with some of the biggest players in modern day techno on a wide range of both national as international events.