Drive Like Maria

Creator Preserver Destroyer LP is the latest masterpiece of roaring power rock trio Drive Like Maria. Seven years after stunning debut Elmwood, Bjorn Awouters, Nitzan Hoffman and Bram van der Berg harness a closer bond than ever. These songs are mostly written in collaboration between the three musicians. The album was released in three separate EPs and then as a full album. It's a nice metaphor for such an intense creative process: create something beautiful that maintains and develops: then wipe the slate clean all over again.

These days, Drive Like Maria like  the rare reboot that surpasses the original. The guitar riffs are more stubborn, more urgent, the rhythm section is as formidable as ever. The urge to experiment with new influences is also bolstering: Tiny Terror was written with Italian street band Badabimbum, keyboardist Remko  has a starring role in When The Lights Go Down, and Will We Ever s features Lara Cherdaoui (Intergalactic Lovers ) and Jop Van Summing (De Staat).