Visitor Arrangement for Events - International Professionals

The International Visitor Regulation  is regarded as a trade mission in reverse. Dutch Music Export supports some of the travel and accommodation expenses of foreign artists and professionals who have been invited to come to the Netherlands. The aim of this initiative is the exchange of expertise and contacts and to expand and broaden international relations. Note: the International Visitor Regulation only meant for travel and accommodation expenses for international contacts (so no fee's) and is intended to provide collective and mutual benefits, with all requests contributing to the Dutch music industry as much as possible. 

For the years 2021 - 2024, a number of Dutch events will be enabled to invite foreign music professionals to participate in export-focused activities. This includes some specific dance and pop festivals. DME also works closely with ESNS, ADE, and MMFnl, in working on networking- and educational activities within the context of professionalisation and ‘international business’.

For more info about the visitors regulation you can contact DME via our contact sheet.