Dutch Impact Showcase Support

Once a Dutch artist is invited to play at an international showcase event, they can apply for a modest contribution towards travel-, hotel- and visa-costs. 50% of these costs can be reimbursed with a different maximum per showcase event.

In order to claim the contribution, the artist must complete the application form prior to the showcase festival. As part of this application form, the applicant needs to upload a showcase strategy document, which shows sufficient vision and planning, a functional level of network and the ability to operate internationally on a professional level.



The strategy document for showcase support explicitly serve as a 'reality check' for the activities. Dutch Music Export in any case pays attention to: 

  • The Dutch nationality of the artist and a good quantity of Dutch copyrights
  • A sufficiently professional organization including accountancy to present professional substantive evaluations and make settlements
  • A sufficiently demonstrable professional status with regard to Dutch activities
  • A sufficient professional team consisting of international and local (financially) involved partners, plus sufficient professional audio, video and promotional products
  • Demonstrable preparation and investment based on an international long-term vision, approach and time schedule for the intended target country where activities have already been partly established
  • Possible demonstrable international interests from the target country or countries


Application process: 

As part of the application form, two attachments need to be uploaded with the application

  1. Showcase strategy document (download set-up)
  2. List of previous shows (up to 2 years prior to moment of application)

The showcase support regulation is explicitly not intended for tour support. You can apply for toursupport at Dutch Performing Arts here.


Finalising application

After the showcase event, the applicant needs to complete the costs- and invoices overview sheet. Save this sheet as a pdf, and add all the necessary invoices in the same order as listed in the costing overview sheet, so it becomes a single pdf file. 

Download the costing and invoices overview sheet here

Application Process