LA Sync Mission 2020


Following the successful implementation of a new format last year, we are delighted to announce that once again we will be accompanying media composers, media music companies, publishers and songwriters from The Netherlands - all members of Buma/Stemra - on a ‘sync mission’ to Los Angeles. The city represents one of the world's largest concentrations of sync opportunities, and this unique and very special series of events runs from March 22 until March 27, 2020.

During the week you’ll have the opportunity to visit the Musexpo Creative Summit and/or to join us on a series of studio visits and networking events which form part of our ongoing sync mission. These visits and events offer you the chance to meet top music supervisors alongside the sync executives responsible for matching music to moving images. You can join us for:
A) the whole week (March 22-27)
B) only Musexpo (March 22-25)
C) only the Sync Mission (March 25-27).

We will be staying in Burbank and we are offering a special hotel rate for your stay in the film & media capital of North America. We cover part of the total price at the Hilton Garden Inn Burbank Downtown, meaning that you only have to pay €75 per night. Please note, all Dutch attendees are obliged to stay in this hotel. In case you decide to make the most of your trip and visit Musexpo as well, we will cover €200 of the registration fee. On top of that, BMIM Connects delegates will also get a 15% discount on the registration fee, but please note the early birds ends on November 30th. The Sync Mission (March 25-27) is free of charge.

Anyone wishing to be involved in this initiative should apply to before November 25. Please let us know (in Dutch is fine) exactly why you want to take part, what sync deals (in commercials, TV series, films or trailers) you have already made over the last couple of years or in which media your (bespoke) work has already featured. Also please send us a short biography in English and don't forget to let us know which part or parts (A,B,C) of the 6-day period you want to join, and how many nights you want to stay (minimum three nights – only the nights you’ll be participating). The number of available places is limited (one person per company, one per collective), so if there are more candidates we will carefully select based on motivation.

Sync mission
Last year, the generous and big-hearted companies who welcomed the group so warmly during the studio visits (or who came to us) were Disney, Trailerpark, Junkie XL, Whitebear PR, J.Walter Thompson, Position Music, Playstation, Jeff Rona, Charles Deenen and The Greater Goods Co. Together with the The Consulate General of The Netherlands in New York (Dutch Culture USA) and the Holland-Hollywood Connection, we also hosted a well-attended networking reception. We are currently working on this year's programme, so in case you have any suggestions please let us know! Questions? Please contact Maartje Glas,