Starters International Business

SIB is an abbreviation of  ‘Starters International Business’, a regulation employed by the RVO-service of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, purpose-built for small and medium firms in The Netherlands (MKB) with international ambitions. (Managers/representatives) of pop acts, artists, DJs and performers all fall under this regulation, but only if they position themselves as a formal legal entity. The SIB regulation offers several possibilities, ‘individual coaching’ being one of the more intriguing options.

As an impresario or manager for a pop act/artist/DJ with substantial international network (for example, a recent or future showcase at one of the international events where Dutch Impact is an active delegate), you can request a vouchers. RVO will estimate whether if you fit the criteria. To see if you meet these criteria, it’s best to contact the SIB-chairman ( at Buma Cultuur in advance.

He’ll expound all the possibilities, how to request a voucher (this can only be done through an RVO-appointed Buma Cultuur-coach) and what steps to take accordingly. To be more concise: with a voucher you can hire a professional coach of choice for a specified amount of hours. Your coach will provide knowledge and instructions on how to meet your international ambitions