Services Fonds PodiumKunsten

This subsidy is allotted to Dutch bands, ensembles and performers who play events abroad. This regulation is meant to facilitate relatively economic projects that require minimal preparation, therefore the procedure itself is sped up. Applicants will get a definite answer within a month.


Our services offer two subsidy-options:
  • a grant for collectives, pop groups, ensembles for ensembles, big bands, singer-songwriters, performers, performing composers or DJs operating the fields of theatre, dance, music theatre, pop concerts who play shows abroad.
  • a grant for composers, playwrights, librettists or choreographers who are invited by foreign events to attend a performance of their work by a third party. In this case, the artist or performer in question isn’t involved creatively or the performance.

Important note: only travel costs are taken into account for this subsidy, not accommodation costs.


 A group or performer who has performed a minimum of 10 shows on significant Dutch shows or festivals 18 months prior to submitting his or her request.

 Composers, playwrights, librettists or choreographers invited to attend a performance of their work abroad. 

 A foundation, funding agency or DASS who acts as a representative of the group in question (impresarios, managers). Venues, clubs and festivals are excluded.

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