Dutch Music Export Marketing Regulation

In collaboration with the ministry of Education, Culture & Science, Fonds PodiumKunsten, Buma Cultuur and Stichting Popcoalitie, there will be additional resources available during the impending three years (from 2017 to 2020). These resources are meant to fortify international marketing for Dutch artists from all fields.

The obtainable budget for this marketing regulation amounts to a maximum of 500.000 euros a year, with subsidies configured in the following three categories.

  • Small marketing regulation, a maximum sum of €7.500
  • Medium marketing regulation, a maximum sum of €15.000
  • Large marketing regulation: a maximum sum of €50.000

A request from artists with international promise can be submitted on site by Dutch Music Export. Your entry will be granted based on the so-called ‘matching principle’. Meaning: this is a co-financing operation only viable when said artist accumulated his or her own professional industry partners on an international scale, and are able to corroborate a likewise financial sum for the international marketing of the artist. In addendum, the artist needs to meet the following criteria:

  • A realistic and market-oriented plan.
  • A substantial demand for the act itself.
  • Sufficient productional breadth to operate on an international level
  • A functional network in the country of export, consisting of the following components:
    •  - a (booking) agent;
    •  - a record label or distributor;
    •  - a PR-/media partner or promotion company;
    •  - a publisher or sync agent;

Allotment for this regulation is supplied to focus countries selected by the Dutch Export policy, namely: Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Important: subsidy for international marketing can only be requested by legal entities with total cognizance. Applicants will get a definite answer within six weeks.

This regulation is firmly not meant for the request of tour support. To obtain this, contact the Fonds PodiumKunsten’s services.


Structure of a marketing application  PLAN


  • Biography and background information of the artist
  • Career history, most important development and current status.
  • Long term career goals and ambitions

Status of the artists

  • Career breakdown:
    • Streaming numbers on various platforms
    • Radio airplay
    • Live developments (include a full list of shows going back up to 2 years in time in attachments)
    • Record sales
  • Team breakdown: NL and International


  • Describe the reasons for (planning) activities in the target countries focusing on with the campaign
  • SWOT analysis per focus country
  • Targets/goals in focus country/countries on short-, mid-, and long-term basis.


  • Activities / release timeline
  • Budget overview
  • Specification of each activity with explanation who/which company is going to execute the activities.
  • Specification of expenses being made
  • Tools & planning


  • Budget
  • Full list of shows 2 years back in time from the moment of requesting 
  • Campaign plan document


You can only apply for funding for expenses that include marketing costs. Explicitly no tour support, which means costs such as travel and residence costs, fees and crew etc. are not allowed. Also, no product related costs may be included (mix, recording, mastering, artwork etc.)

The budget must also indicate by whom/which company the work is being done.

Please note: 50% of the subsidy amount is paid when the application is granted. Payment of the second 50% of the subsidy will take place after approval of the final bill and the submission of a thorough analysis of the results achieved

Admission procedure (in Dutch)