Dutch Impact Support

Once a Dutch  artist is invited to play an international showcase events, and would like to apply for DME support, the artist will have to provide DME with  a long-term plan and strategy that shows sufficient vision and realism, and  shows  a sufficient network to opperate on an international and professional level. DME will offer as much help as possible when the artist and those involved are not able to formulate a realistic plan or approach by them selves. Making such a plan can be part of DME support in this form.

The proposed plans to apply for DME support will function explicitly as a 'reality check' for the activities. In judging the plans, DME will at least pay attention to the following:

  • The (Dutch) nationality of the artist and sufficient degree of Dutch copyright;
  • A sufficiently professional organization and bookkeeping to present sufficient professional substantive evaluations and settlements;
  • A sufficiently demonstrable professional status with regard to Dutch activities;
  • A sufficient professional team consisting of international and local (financially) involved partners and sufficient professional audio, video and promotional products;
  • Demonstrable preparation and investment based on an international long-term vision, approach and time schedule for the intended target country where activities have already been partly established;
  • Possible demonstrable international interests from the target country.

If these criteria  are met and agreed, DME will provide the best support possible, based on the specific needs of the artist.

Once you’re invited to one of the Dutch Impact showcases, you will be integrated into the promo-campaign of the designated event.

  • Part of this campaign entails a collective promo cycle along with other registered Dutch acts. These activities are organized and financed by Dutch Music Export. You will receive further info from Dutch Music Export on promo activities and specific promo companies prior to each event.
  • If you received an official invitation from a foreign organization, you can enter the Dutch Impact Party at said event. The program is selected co-optly by both the foreign organizer and Dutch Music Export. All necessary info regarding Dutch Impact Parties is sent to you by e-mail well in advance by the Dutch Music Export staff.
  • Officially selected participants of a Dutch Impact Showcase can apply for a modest refund in travel, accommodation and eventual visa expenses. These costs will be met with a maximum of 50% of total damage, in addition to a varying limit per showcase event. Dutch Music Export will brief you of these specifics by e-mail in due time

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