The Great Escape 2019

10 mei
12:00 - 16:00
Komedia (main)
44-47 Gardner Street


  • 12:15 The Visual
  • 13:15 Lewsberg
  • 14:15 EUT
  • 15:15 FATA BOOM
The Visual
The Visual is a Dutch atmospheric pop formation consisting of Anna van Rij (vocals/guitar), Timon Persoon (keys/electronics/effects) and Tim van Oosten (drums/percussion)...
Lewsberg is a four-piece lo-fi rock group named after writer and fellow Rotterdammer Robert Loesberg, famous for his dangerous novel Enige Defecten (‘Some Defects&r...
Fronted by the charismatic bundle of energy Megan de Klerk, the band crafts beautifully written songs with captivating melodies - all hooky, catchy pop tunes in a straitj...
FATA BOOM is the unborn hip hop love-baby of two dutch artists who found each other during the 3FM-awards of 2016. They secretly met up for some writing-sessions and thou...
Pip Blom
22-year-old Amsterdam based Pip Blom started writing, recording and releasing her own indie-pop tunes with a twist in 2016. Hours is still a live favourite from those ear...
Since 2014, independent artist and musical polymath BEA1991 has lived between Amsterdam, London and NYC, experimenting with a variety of creative disciplines.Following th...
The Mauskovic Dance Band
The Mauskovic Dance Band is the brainchild of the Amsterdam-based producer and musician, Nicola Mauskovic. Throughout a hectic schedule drumming for various groups, Nic s...
Jarreau Vandal
Born in Maastricht, raised in Amsterdam, 23-year-old Jarreau Vandal grew up in a musical family surrounded by cassette tapes full of Jazz, soul & funk. Being a c...
Rina Mushonga
Man was made to hold his head erect in majesty and see the sky, to raise his eyes to the bright stars above,the Roman poet Ovid wrote in 8AD, in his Latin literary epic M...